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Andrew Currie

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Thank you for visiting my portfolio website! I put this together so I can archive and display my work. I value any feedback you have!

I have nearly a decade of experience as a cinematics artist, lead, and director in the video games industry. In my career I have focused on cinematography and storytelling, and how to produce captivating sequences for a broad range of styles and genres. A crucial element of this is creating previz in the form of 3D animatics, to help plan the visuals best suited for the script and the project.

In addition to cinematography, I am a traditional and digital artist, photographer, animator, and computer graphics generalist in all CG disciplines including modeling, lighting, and animation.

At Midway I worked on Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, The Wheelman, Stranglehold, NBA Ballers (2 and 3), and Blitz the League (1 and 2). I was the Cinematics Director for Ballers 3, which required creating animatics and doing shot approvals to ensure a cohesive and unique style throughout the project. I am now the Cinematic Lead at Firaxis, where we recently shipped XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The title has received incredible reviews and multiple awards for game of the year.

At home I enjoy playing music, reading, and playing games, but mostly spending time with my wife and two little girls. I grew up in Texas, worked in Chicago for five years, and now reside in Baltimore.