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2013 Demo Reel
Previs, Cinematics, Layout / 2013
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Demo reel of work done as the Cinematics Lead on XCOM: Enemy Unknown at Firaxis Games, and also work done at Midway Games as a Cinematics Artist, Lead, and Director. Updated Sep 3, 2013.

The reel's breakdown is included as text overlay on the reel. Further descriptions of each label:

  • Cameras: Camera work in this reel is exclusively my own, including early staging, final polish, and additive detail.
  • Layout: Assembling and blocking of a sequence out of necessary parts, like characters, environments, animations, etc.
  • Previs: 3D animatics or rough layouts created to plan out larger sequences, often in Max or Maya.
  • Editing: Editing done within the game engine or in an editor like Premiere.
  • Lighting: Character lighting in the game engine, and post-processes such as depth of field for final rendering quality.