Andrew Currie


  • Cinematographer specialized in shot design, scene layout, camera work, and editing.
  • Skilled as a traditional artist and photographer, proving highly significant to the digital art field.
  • Equally technical. Experienced with learning new and proprietary software, troubleshooting, and scripting.
  • Extremely driven, organized, and methodical. A lifelong student of film, computer graphics, and the arts.

Work Experience

Cinematic Lead, Firaxis Games / 2K Games (2009 - present).

  • Principal cinematic artist on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a AAA title with a 90 Metacritic score and winner of over a dozen 2012 Game of the Year awards from Kotaku, GameTrailers, Giant Bomb, etc.
  • Produced 20+ prerendered story cinematics, including the game’s intro and promotional materials, and 550+ real-time action cams that blend seamlessly with the game camera.
  • Responsible for full cinematics pipeline: Complex scene layout; Compelling and physically accurate camera movement; 3D animatics; Additive layering of camera detail such as handheld, impact, and shake; Lighting; Creation of an automated rendering pipeline; Scripting; Direction to outsourcers and animators; Editing and compositing; Collaboration with engineering, animation, art, and effects teams; Production schedules.

Shareholder and Artist, Sleepwalker Media, LLC (2009).

  • Established a new company with fellow members of Midway’s former Cinematics Team to create cinematics, animation, and previz for television, film, and game clients such as Gearbox, Epic Games, and the US Army.
  • Created in-game cinematics for Epic Games’ Shadow Complex title.

Cinematic Director, Midway Games (2004 - 2009).

  • Designed the cinematic style and art direction, created animatics, reviewed and approved artists' shots.

      Cinematic Lead

  • Promoted to Lead by second project at Midway. Acted as point of contact for the client, managed artists and production schedule.

      Cinematic Artist

  • Created real-time cinematics for cut scenes and marketing spots.  Shot cameras and laid out complex cinematic sequences in a wide variety of genres.
  • Worked with proprietary real-time cinematic tools for two different game engines (Renderware and Unreal Engine 3), acted as an advisor for in-house tool development.
  • Developed prerendered cinematics with conventional CG programs such as Maya and 3d Max, Premiere and Vegas, After Effects, Photoshop.
  • Designed preproduction resources including storyboards, 3d animatics, and reference material.
  • Tasks also included: Animation, Editing, Compositing, Lighting, Rendering, and Bug-Fixing.
  • Titles: Blitz: The League (1 and 2), NBA Ballers (2 and 3), Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Stranglehold, The Wheelman.

Illustrator/Animator, e-Enterprise, Purdue University (2003).

  • Created animations and illustrations for research sponsors such as NASA, DuPont.

Textbook Illustrator, Purdue University (2002).

Teacher’s Assistant, Purdue University (2001).

  • Instructed a lab in “Technical Sketching,” a freshman level CG course.

Caricature Artist, Sea World San Antonio (1999 - 2001).


Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Graphics, May 2003 (With Distinction).
            Computer Animation Specialization.
            Dean's List each semester, Honors.
            3.78/4.00 GPA.

Professional Development

Photography classes and personal work; 11 Second Club and similar online animation competitions; Firaxis life drawing biweekly sessions; Firaxis character modeling contest; Continued study of cinematography and filmmaking materials; Traditional artwork; Short film “This Story Udderly Sucks” screened in ten film festivals including SIGGRAPH Student Animation Competition, Anima Mundi, and Transdimensional Short Film Festival where it won “Best Animation”.