Quick Links Updates / News

9/04/13: I've finally updated my Demo Reel with some of my latest work from XCOM!

8/31/13: The "War Machines" trailer for XCOM: Enemy Within released today! I got to make many of the shots used in this, including some great MEC battle scenes.

5/18/13: Massive site update! It should now display better, be more accessable (and zoom-able) across devices, and hopefully look a little nicer, too. Updates include: YouTube videos replacing Flash, a new menu version, Flickr galleries (like the new Photography page), updated info and resume (with a LinkedIn shortcut), and updated colors, fonts, and CSS graphics.

1/17/13: Wow! XCOM has been named the 2012 Game of the Year by Kotaku, GameTrailers, Giant Bomb, GameSpy, and a dozen others. There are also over 50 category wins such as PC Game of the Year at the VGAs, and Firaxis was named Developer of the Year by Game Informer. What a month.
10/16/12: XCOM now has a Metacritic score of 90, making it one of the highest rated games of the year. Also see: "Reviewers love XCOM: Enemy Unknown".

10/9/12: XCOM has launched! First review from Game Informer gives it an incredible 9.5.

6/4/12: Check out the new E3 trailer which features a ton of my own cinematics shots.

1/5/12: XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced! After years of production, we at Firaxis are very excited to see our title revealed as Game Informer's cover story.

3/5/11: I placed 6th on my first 11 Second Club entry. The full-resolution animation is here.

5/9/10: This spring I took a film photography class and participated in a digital sculpting competition at work. I'll get some images of that work up on the site soon.

9/1/09: Shadow Complex, the Epic Games title I got to work on with my outsourcing company Sleepwalker Media was released today to excellent reviews. I think it's honestly the most fun I've had playing a game I've worked on. Check it out!

6/1/09: Today I've started my new job as Cinematics Lead at Firaxis Games on an exciting new project - the search is over!

5/19/09: After several months on the job hunt, I received two offers in the same week, one a gig on a feature film at ILM in San Francisco (for a movie called Rango), the other at Firaxis Games near Baltimore. Both are exciting projects and great opportunities. Decisions...

4/08/09: I'm on-site at Epic Games this week - our first Sleepwalker gig!

3/17/09: Tweaked the color scheme and the menus based on readability and navigation feedback. Thanks for the comments!

3/13/09: Brand new website is LIVE! The "Illustration and Traditional Art" section is still placeholder, but everything else is ready to go! Please send feedback, and definitely let me know if anything looks wrong or broken. Thanks for stopping by!